NCT 127 release special winter single Be There for Me

NCT 127 return with a special three-track project to warm your soul


NCTzen, brace yourselves for a winter treat as NCT 127 have just dropped a special three-track project titled Be There For Me – Winter Special Single. Released digitally today, this musical offering is a heartfelt present from the group to their dedicated fans, perfectly timed for the holiday season. Dive into the winter magic as Be There For Me – Winter Special Single is now available on all streaming platforms. Excitingly, the physical album is set to hit the UK on January 26, and eager fans can already pre-order it.

In perfect harmony with the festive season, ‘Be There For Me’ emerges as a warm, sentimental track that beautifully encapsulates the emotions of writing a letter to a loved one miles away—a sentiment that resonates deeply with many during this time of year. Diverging from NCT 127‘s signature style and intense performances, the special winter single introduces a softer side to the members through warm, emotional melodies. The title track, ‘Be There For Me’, stands out as a pop R&B masterpiece, blending gospel organ melodies, rhythmic blues piano, and enchanting brass sounds. The lyrics, resembling a heartfelt letter to a distant soul, add depth to the emotional narrative. If you haven’t watched it yet, the music video is a must-watch here.

The music video for ‘Be There For Me’ takes us on a heartwarming journey as the NCT 127 members engage in winter games and share a cosy meal, creating a visual feast that complements the soulful essence of the song.

The musical journey continues with the second track, ‘Home Alone’, a lively tune expressing the desire to embrace solitude during the chilly winter months. Meanwhile, ‘White Lie’, the third track, unfolds as an emotional R&B ballad delving into the sorrow of concealing true feelings behind a white lie. Notably, members TAEYONG and MARK contributed to the composition and lyrics of the song, infusing their rap verses with emotional richness.

Be There For Me – Winter Special Single is the latest instalment in NCT 127‘s whirlwind year. Amidst a global tour, they delivered their fourth album repackage, Ay-Yo, in January, followed by their fifth regular album, Fact Check, in October. Recently, the group treated fans to the documentary series, NCT 127: The Lost Boys available for streaming on Disney+ in the UK. In this insightful series, the members open up about their diverse childhood experiences, international success, and unexpected challenges along their remarkable journey.

As we eagerly immerse ourselves in the winter wonder of NCT 127‘s Be There For Me – Winter Special Single, the three-track project promises to be a cherished addition to the group’s illustrious discography.

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