Miranda Miller left Hey Violet and fans are truly devastated

We're gonna miss you, MirMir :(


Miranda Miller of Hey Violet has decided to call it quits with the band after feeling it was time to leave. She’s been with the original band for ten years, back when she, Rena and Nia were part of Cherri Bomb.

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Taking to Twitter, Miranda and the band said:

During Hey Violet’s rebrand, when signed by Hi or Hey Records, Miranda played the guitar and keyboard in the band as well as touring twice with 5 Seconds of Summer, before releasing two EPs and the band’s debut album.

The heartbreaking news really upset fans seeing Miranda leave, especially so soon after the debut album finally releasing. However, they had so much support for her decision.






We are truly heartbroken to see Miranda leave Hey Violet, but we know that she is a remarkable young woman who has already inspired so many young people to pick up an instrument and make music again. Whatever she decides to do next on her journey, we’re sending her all the love and support.

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