Miley Cyrus has been making us super nostalgic lately

We're reliving our childhood with all her recent throwbacks.


Some would say Miley Cyrus has had a busy month. The release of her new album ‘Younger Now’ has given us a huge dose of the singer and it’s definitely been a wild ride. With all her appearances on different live television and radio shows, she’s also been giving us major throwbacks to reminisce on.

Last month on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Miley gave us a little taste of what was to come after she performed her hit ‘See You Again’ from her ‘Hannah Montana’ days. The fan-favorite track which was released ten years ago, made the long-awaited performance much more iconic.

She also performed ‘Party In The U.S.A.,’ giving it another country twist like she did with ‘See You Again’—a version we’re not complaining about.

Most of Miley’s fanbase has stuck with her through thick and thin, dedicated since the days back when she was first broke out onto the Disney scene. After ‘See You Again,’ many fans didn’t think she could top that level of nostalgia, but she proved them wrong after she sang ‘The Climb‘ for the first time in six years. Making it even more intimate and special, Miley sang the classic tune during an Instagram livestream following the release of her album—she belted a few of her own hits including oldies like ‘Wrecking Ball.’

Of course, Miley didn’t stop there when it came to helping us relive our childhood. That memorable line from ‘See You Again’ that we all belted—”My best friend Lesley said/”Oh she’s just being Miley”—came to life via the popstar’s official Twitter account. The singer’s childhood friend, Lesley, was able to attend the release party for her highly anticipated album, getting us all in our feelings.

It’s safe to say, we’re all feeling insanely nostalgic from these memories of those fun Disney Channel moments, really making us wish we were back in middle school watching Hannah Montana again.

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