Max & Harvey drop new catchy bop Lonely

They took over TikTok, The X-Factor and now our hearts with their talent


The twin brothers that took over TikTok and The X-Factor: Celebrity are back with Lonely, a pop-rock tune that reflects on the duo’s hardships when it comes to relationships and commitment.

The boys mentioned how in their five-year career they’ve struggled to form and maintain real relationships and that they know for a fact that they are not alone in this and other people can find themselves in the same situation.

The duo described the making of the song as an “eye-opening experience” that helped them learn what they want their music to sound like. Lonely is here to prove that these lads can create more than just pop music and have no fear of venturing through different vibes and experimenting with their sounds.

Max and Harvey kept busy over the last year working on their music in their own home studio, filming their CBBC TV show – FOMO and also working on two podcasts – School Daze with Max and Harvey and The Max and Harvey Podcast. They are also preparing for a new tour around the UK that kicks off in Glasgow on August 11th.

If you want to see Max and Harvey live you can purchase your tickets here.

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