Mark Tuan opens up in the latest release My Life

‘My Life’ is the follow up to ‘Last Breath'


Mark Tuan unveils another emotion-filled single, ‘My Life’. The single is Mark’s first release in 2022, following the previous emotional release ‘Last Breath’, shared only two months ago (November 2021).

‘My Life’ – co-written by Mark Tuan, lilspirit, and OVRCZ – is a candid ballad with a delicate yet rich piano melody that creates the perfect soundbed for delivering Mark’s emotion with his soft vocals; the piano melody leads to a dramatic and captivating orchestral outro that will leave listeners to emphasise with the feelings shared in the songs, and maybe realise that at some point in our lives, we’ve all experienced what Mark is singing.

In the introspective lyrics, Mark opens up about life’s hardships and wanting things to be different, as well as dealing with the versions of himself he has been creating over time. “You say I seem okay when I’m sitting here with all my friends/ Easy to say when you’re looking from the outside in/ I’ll never change, loving myself is all pretend/ And I might never again.”

The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Will Chan and solely featuring Mark with various shots of himself. Through the 3-minute video, we see Mark lying on the ground over the soil, then in a room with candles, books, and a piano. The lighting in the room is always a contrast between light and darkness, a symbol of the conflicting emotions Mark is singing about. In the final frames, white pain flows down Mark’s bare arms and upper body. This scene could be seen as a new start, as the colour white symbolises a blank slate, a new beginning, or a fresh start. But it could also be seen with a negative meaning, with the paint being a facade Mark has slowly put on over time, covering his authentic self.

48 hours after its release, ‘My Life’ has reached No.1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in 35 countries – including Argentina, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, and Thailand. The song also entered at No.13 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart. The single has also entered the Billboard Hot Trending Songs chart (at No. 19 and currently sitting at No.14)

2021 was a pivotal year for Mark Tuan and his career; not only did he show growth as a singer/songwriter with his releases ‘One In A Million’, ‘Last Breath’ and participated in the soundtrack for Marvel’s Shang-Chi: Legend Of The Ten Rings alongside BIBI with the song ’Never Gonna Come Down’, but branched into different areas of the entertainment industry – from gaming to modelling and attending Paris Fashion Week for Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Lanvin, and Raf Simons – making him an even more appealing figure in the industry.

2022 has just started for Mark, but we are sure he will delight fans with more exciting music and projects over the following months.

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  1. Meduza says

    My life is a deep song. After listening i reflected my own life

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