Mark Tuan faces loneliness in new single Lonely

An aesthetic-moody visualiser accompanies the single


Release after release, Mark Tuan faces his deepest emotions and bares his soul in such relatable lyrics. This time Mark sings about loneliness and heartbreak in the new single ‘Lonely’.

The song came with a visualiser which sees Mark performing alone in an empty room, with the word “lonely” brush-painted across the floor.

‘Lonely’ was co-written by Mark with Matty Michna and lilspirit, who also co-wrote ‘My Life’ and ‘Last Breath’. The track was also produced by Michna, with BL$$D, JordanXL, and Xavi.

In this new single, Mark doesn’t shy away from writing honest lyrics and explores a different genre from the previous two single releases. The track has a pop-rock sound, characterised by electric guitar riffs in the chorus mixed with synth elements.

The guitar riffs coincide with Mark expressing his strong feelings as the reality of an ending relationship hits him, “I like it better when I’m lonely, lonely, all alone / I never needed you to hold me, hold me, keep me close / And you know I gave you everything /Thеn you went and said to me / That you like it bеtter lonely, lonely, all alone”.

9 hours after its release, ‘Lonely’ is charting No.1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart in 21 countries, including Argentina, Fiji, Ireland, Portugal, and Thailand.

‘Lonely’ is the third single from Mark Tuan since November 2021, when he released his first English single, ‘Last Breath’.

Last week mark took to his Twitter to ask his fans which song between ‘Lonely’ and ‘Save Me’ he should release first, allowing them to share their opinion. After 24 hours, Mark announced that he would be releasing both of them, starting with ‘Lonely’. The ‘Save Me’ release date is still yet to be announced.

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