Måneskin drop new rock anthem Honey (Are U Coming?)

The Italian rock band is outdoing themselves once again!


After winning a huge song contest like Eurovision, it is always a bit hard to have a successful career; in the end, people always recognize you as THE winner of the song competition. However, that’s a bit different for the Italian rock band Måneskin (who are maybe our favourite Italians). With their brand new single Honey (Are U Coming?), the band show once again why they’re so special and deserve the fame, even after winning Eurovision.

It almost feels like this band can never disappoint us. ‘Honey (Are U Coming?)’ is a new rock anthem that surprises us. After hearing a little snippet on the socials for a few weeks, this song is a complete surprise. The vocals of lead singer Damiano David sound very raw and sexy, which are very outstanding in the song. The song is something we didn’t expect after hearing the teaser; it’s a sound that screams Måneskin, yet it’s something we haven’t heard from the band. On the second verse, you even get a Fall Out Boy kind of vibe, but it does sound amazing.

Måneskin showed once again why they’re currently the biggest band in the world.

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