Maisie Peters releases Not Another Rockstar plus UK tour dates

Maisie is coming home for her first UK tour in 3 years


“Some would say I have a type and so I wrote a song about it”, Maisie Peters wrote on TikTok back in September before teasing ‘Not Another Rockstar’ for the first time. Fans were worried it would be given the ‘girls house’ treatment – a song which has been teased with snippets on social media but never officially released – but luckily that wasn’t the case.

Self-described as ‘Blonde‘s older angrier shadier sister’, ‘Not Another Rockstar’ sees Maisie take aim at her exes while making light of her own bad choices.

“I wrote ‘Not Another Rockstar’ about my very debatable track record with men. The song aims to make fun of me and my decisions and them and their guitars, and it feels right that I wrote it with Ines who is my best friend because she was literally rolling her eyes at every line like ‘too real’. I hope everyone comes out of this song realising the true rockstar was in fact me. Obviously. No longer the rockstar’s girlfriend, we are the whole rockstar these days, girls,” Maisie said to Dork.


In a Twitter Q&A on Wednesday, Maisie revealed that the song was written on 28th October last year. She also noted that the song is intended to be a stand-alone single, with the first album single set to come next year. 

Speaking about how the song sets the tone for her next project, Maisie wrote “it’s definitely a thread of mp2 but also . mp2 is so diverse and trust me when i say u really don’t know what’s coming at all hehe”.

Along with the single, Maisie has announced she’ll be coming home for her first UK tour in 3 years. April 2023 will see her play multiple cities, finishing with an already sold-out gig at Brixton Academy.

Ticket pre-sale will commence next Wednesday 12th October, for those signed up to Maisie Peters’ Discord. General sale will follow next Friday 14th October via her official site.

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