Maisie Peters kicks off a new era

Let the new era commence!


Maisie Peters is entering a brand new era, announcing the news that the first single is coming soon.

Titled ‘body better’, Maisie detailed on Twitter that “it’s a song about vulnerability and quiet, forbidden fury; about heartbreak and insecurity so deeply rooted you have no idea where it begins or ends.”

The announcement follows Maisie’s post on 1st January, where she first revealed that with the beginning of a new year comes a new era. Posting a photo of the words “I was good to you”, Maisie wrote: “i spent most of last year scheming and crafting, building and destroying, writing and writing and writing. now it’s a new year, and i think it’s time for the beginning of a new era – so i’m gonna start showing u what i’ve conjured up.”

A few days later, she simply tweeted “do you love her?” leading fans to believe that she may have shared a glimpse of some new lyrics. Maisie’s upcoming album, known only as ‘mp2’ at this stage, follows her debut album You Signed Up For This which was released back in 2021.

Since then, Maisie has released multiple bops including ‘Rockstar’, ‘Blonde‘ and ‘Cate’s Brother’. It’s currently unclear whether these were standalone singles or part of the new project.

We have no information on the release date of ‘body better’, other than the promise that it’s “coming soon”. 2023 is already set to be a huge year for Maisie! She’s travelling all around the world on tour, with the UK leg starting in April.

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