Madison Ryann Ward’s new single Seasons is one of her best

This is the singer-songwriter's second release of 2023


R&B/Soul artist Madison Ryann Ward’s newest single “Seasons” is an inspiring acoustic ballad that beautifully illustrates navigating through tough times in the journey of life.

Ward took to social media to share the song’s message with fans: “If you’re in a hard season, maybe afraid, keep stepping through the shadows of fear towards the voice of love.”

The special thing about Ward is that her voice is unlike any other in music today. Her tone is angelic but powerful and fits so smoothly over the song’s delicate guitar chords. Ward’s gift as a musician – aside from her vocal talent– is her storytelling lyricism. She has a way of framing various aspects of the human experience in the most delicate yet specific way. Her lyrics reach listeners where they are, as if she is singing directly to their experiences.

“Nobody’s ever told the winter / Move on, it’s time for spring / Old Man Winter’s gonna sit right there / Till he’s done his thing / And time ain’t something you can push and shove / Even when you think you’ve had enough”

Ward is currently an independent artist and if you love “Seasons” make sure to check out Ryann’s song “Beyond Me” from her 2019 EP.

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