Madison Beer makes the world Spinnin with her new single

Madison continues mesmerizing us!


The 24-year-old singer Madison Beer continues surprising the world with her angelic vocals and poignant lyrics. With her latest release ‘Spinnin’, Madison shows once again her talent to the world; and honestly, our world stopped spinning when hearing this song.

‘Spinnin’ is Madison Beer’s newest single and the follow-up from her latest release ‘Home To Another One’ from her upcoming sophomore album Silence Between Songs — which will be released on September 15.

With lyrics as ‘Did the world stop spinnin’? Am I frozen in time?’ and ‘Cause the birds stopped singin’, Are we flawed by design?’ you hear Madison’s ability to convey raw and genuine emotions through her music, it’s a testament to her talent for songwriting and her authenticity as an artist.

Madison says about the song:

“This song is a reflection of a time when everything seemed to stand still. I felt like every day was a cycle and I was stuck in such an anxious place, yet I could finally explore the thoughts and emotions in my head. I dreamed of a video that was cinematic and visually striking that brought those emotions to life, and I’m so proud of what we created.” Alongside the song, Madison released a music video where she finds herself in a dream-like sequence and finds out that the world around her is frozen in time.

‘Spinnin’ comes ahead of the UK publication of critically acclaimed her memoir, The Half of It; which will be available in the UK from August 31. In this memoir, Madison takes her readers with her on her journey; from the positive sides of her success to the negative sides of mass hate online and her leaked private pictures.

We are absolutely thrilled for Madison’s new music, and we can’t wait for her high-anticipated album Silence Between Songs. For now; we’ll have ‘Spinnin’ on repeat! — Stream the song on all platforms right here.

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