Are these the original lyrics to Louis Tomlinson’s Just Like You?

We *may* have the original draft of Louis' new hit


Wow, what a time for Solo Direction to be thriving; Harry is currently on tour, Niam are releasing music the same day and now Tommo’s announced his third single!

Louis has just released the new song, which is already storming the charts all over the world, but what if they weren’t the original lyrics? Ok, the below are just a bit of fun, but imagine if Louis’ first draft was actually about going to Greggs. It could happen.

I prefer Adidas to Gucci, go to Greggs for a pasty / I don’t care for the glam life, I’m just a lad from Donny / Drink a brew of Yorkshire Tea, it’s the chavvy life for me / I’d rather a night out in Pryzm than a glam event for MTV / I’m a lad of simple pleasures, what they say is true / despite being like mega famous, deep down I’m just like you

Louis Tomlinson Just Like You confused gif
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Our genius creation is about all the things that remind us how Louis is just like us. He’s so down to earth and passionate about his home roots. As much as we love our version, they definitely don’t compare to Louis’.

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