Louis Tomlinson and Bebe Rexha could play Sharpay and Ryan in a High School Musical remake

They'd be the perfect pair


Our boy, Louis Tomlinson, has been around the world promoting his latest single, ‘Back To You’, featuring Bebe Rexha and performed it on TV for the first time on The Jimmy Fallon Show this week.

But thanks to a clever fan, the performance has been given a bit of a Disney remix and well… see for yourself…

Is this not EVERYTHING?!

image source

Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel are shook. 

But let’s be honest, I always thought Louis would be more of a Troy Bolton and Harry would dazzle us with his jazz squares (it’s a crowd favourite, everybody loves a good jazz square).

If we’re going to recast One Direction as the HSM gang, we’ll need to bring back Zayn as Chad because…

image source

That meme never gets old. I guess that makes Niall Gabriella and Liam as Taylor. SOMEONE MAKE A FULL EDIT OF THE FILM WITH ONE DIRECTION AS THE MAIN CAST, PLEASE?

Featured image source: Louis and Bebe, Sharpay and Ryan

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