Louis Tomlinson and his fans chase radio host Ash London off Twitter

Some not-so-nice things were said about him during an interview with her.


Louis Tomlinson’s band of Louies is always at the ready to take up arms when they feel their boy has been slighted. A perfect example of this went down yesterday, when Australian radio host Ash London and her cohosts Ash Williams and Ed Kavalee said some not-so-nice things about Louis on air when introducing his interview.

In this questionable intro, Ed Kavalee and Ash Williams of course must act like they have no idea who Louis Tomlinson is (they’re only aware Louis supports the Doncaster Rovers Football Club, because that’s man stuff, guys), so Ash London must help the boys out.

“And just so I can get clear, too, ’cause I’m a very visual guy,” Ash Williams says, clearly thinking as hard as he can back to a 2011 poster of One Direction, “He’s the guy with the smaller face with the short brown hair, yeah?”

“That doesn’t narrow it down,” Ed Kavalee mumbles in the background.

“Kind of like ratty facial hair,” Ash London helpfully adds.

“He’s not Harry Styles, basically,” another one quips.

“Quite skinny.”

“He’s the least popular one of the group.”

“Yep, yup.”

“But he surprised us all with this solo music!” Ash London says before launching into an abridged history of how Louis and One Direction came up from ‘X Factor‘.

Unfortunately for her interview, that’s probably as long as most Louis fans listened to her show before jumping on Twitter to express their unhappiness (and more) at the things Ash London and her cohosts said to describe Louis. Their influx of hate caused Ash London to temporarily put her Twitter account on private before coming back with this note:

Since there was clearly no apology in this note toward Louis or his fans for her perceived slight, the barrage of tweets against her didn’t stop, prompting her to post another Demi Lovato ‘Sorry Not Sorry’-style message:

Knowing his Louies were out there defending his honor, Louis himself came on Twitter at 11:36 pm Los Angeles time to pen this little clapback:


Ironically, Ash London has been a longtime favorite radio host of the Harry Styles fandom. But her first non-apology tweet, which only has aboutf 200 retweets, has nearly 3,000 unhappy replies (and growing). While it’s never okay to send hate or wish ill upon someone, the Louies aren’t keeping quiet about their disappointment in what they feel was an extremely unprofessional treatment of their fave.

  1. idgi says

    Why are they only attacking her and not the other hosts?

  2. tar says

    It’s unfortunate that it was all directed at her when it was her co-hosts who said the worst things. But it’s her show, so people will give their feedback to her. I don’t get it, the interview itself was nice, but the introduction was so unnecessary and rude it just left a super bad impression.

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