Louis Tomlinson’s fans rush to his defense after news of his arrest breaks


According to The Sun, Louis Tomlinson was arrested late last night at Los Angeles International Airport, where he was arriving with rumored new (and old) girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

They claim that after being provoked by the photographer in the baggage claim area, Louis took the man out by the knees, causing him to hit the back of his head on the floor. Eleanor also got into an altercation with a civilian who was trying to film the whole altercation. Louis was held at the airport by citizen’s arrest until police arrived.

Newly released video evidence appears to show Louis and the photographer tripping over each other, and then multiple people cornering Eleanor until Louis breaks them apart.

According to documentation, Louis was booked around midnight and released a little after 1:00 am on bail of $20,000 (standard for a misdemeanor), so the time “in jail” was brief. There is no evidence Eleanor was arrested at all.

louis tomlinson arrested lax march 2017

Fans of Louis immediately took to social media to voice their love and support for the singer, trending #WeSupportLouis worldwide on Twitter.

Fans also remembered Liam’s choice words for the paparazzi:

Rather than believing anything ill of Louis, fans instead chose to focus on the more important things: his charitable initiatives, his work ethic, his family values, and more—the things the media frequently “forgets” to mention when discussing the Doncaster lad.

#TeamNiall on Twitter


Louis’s friends also tweeted out their support, including Ben Winston (director of many One Direction music videos) and Steve Aoki.

Since their inception in 2010, One Direction members have been plagued nonstop by the paparazzi. It’s almost hard to believe there hasn’t been an incident like this before now. Videos have shown time and time again the nasty things photographers will say to try and get reactions out of celebrities while taking their picture, invading their space, and chasing them down streets. Louis is not the first nor the last celebrity to snap.

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