Liam Payne’s Midnight brightens up our days

The singer just released a new collab featuring Alesso


Despite the world seeming temporarily on standby, Liam Payne decided to bring more light and happiness in his fans lives with his latest release ‘Midnight’, featuring the famous DJ and producer Alesso.

“Now I just wanna stay here and fall into midnight
Want nobody else now, only you, feel right
Time enjoyed wasted’s not wasted time
So stay ‘till the morning, stay for a while I just wanna lay here and fall into midnight
And fall right into you
And fall right into you”

As the lyrics suggest, it’s a romantic song about falling in love and finding your person, the one you wanna spend every moment of your day and life with.
But the duo also think that due to the current surreal situation, it might take a new meaning and hopefully have a good impact on people and help them get through these times.

“It’s important at this time to step out there for our fans. While everyone’s stuck at home and self-isolating, I just think it’s important to still have stuff coming through to bring a little bit of sunshine to everybody’s day.”

With its slow and steady beat, where Liam’s amazing vocals complement Alesso’s energetic production, the track radiates confidence and positive vibes and reminds a lot of those chill early summer nights we are all looking for.

Not being able to film a proper music video, the pair opted for a performance video that gives off a feeling of togetherness although both artists are self-isolating in different countries: the Swedish DJ mixing the track in his recording studio in LA while the British singer is performing on his rooftop in London at sunset.

“It was nice just to make a video with a lot less noise around it, music videos are always so busy.” Payne said “To be able to go outside my house, perform a song on the balcony and just sing it the way I wanted to perform it rather than have people telling me how to move or what to do, or anything like that. It was very much our video and I’m proud of that.”

To involve fans even more, Liam and Alesso also asked their followers to record a remix of the song in order to join them on the official remixed version and were surprised by the amount of people accepting their challenge and submitting.
Liam also spoke about the whole COVID-19 situation, saying he’s been busy “drawing, sketching artwork, painting stuff.”

“We’re all learning new things and spending so much time together, people overcoming such massive things in the world together. I think that definitely lends a hand toward the song as well and how you overcome these sorts of things.”

But we know that being his kindhearted self, he’s also been donating to The Trussell Trust and providing more than 360,000 meals in over 100 food bank centres.

Our Payno never fails to make us proud, so let’s stream his new song to show him our support!


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