Charlie Puth and Liam Payne step into the studio to record new song for Payno’s debut solo album


It seems that Liam Payne has some stellar collaborations coming in his debut solo album, as not only has he had Ed Sheeran and Quavo on ‘Strip That Down’, but it’s now been reported that he’s also worked with Charlie Puth.

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While there are currently no details about the Charlie/Liam song whatsoever (sob), it seems that the hitmakers have hit it off, as Mr. Puth revealed that when they’re not together, Payno tends to call him when he’s driving. According to Pressparty, Charlie revealed, “He [Liam] has a bad habit of FaceTiming me when I drive.” We hope Charlie ignores the calls until he’s no longer driving.

“He has a bad habit of FaceTiming me when I drive.” – Charlie Puth on Liam Payne

To be honest, you kind of know a friendship is solid when you begin to do ‘Family Guy’ impressions together on Snapchat…

Possibly a side career for the duo?

It’s pretty exciting to see what Liam is up to, considering the 1D boybander didn’t even have intentions to start a solo career.

“To be honest with you, I wasn’t going to do a solo venture,” Liam admits. “I was just going to go into songwriting and carry on and do that. Coming out of the band, we had some pretty good opportunities around us. I had to do something.”

However, it seems that Liam’s pretty proud of what he’s produced for his first solo record and how it takes a different path from the 1D work.

“It was such an edgy, different song for me to do, with (that One Direction lyric) in it as well, and the way that was written. It was quite an experience.”

Who else is looking forward to hearing Puth and Payno’s collaboration? I wonder who else Liam plans to collab with…

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