LE SSERAFIM drop first English single in collaboration with Overwatch 2

The song, the visuals, everything is just perfect!


HYBE’s girl group LE SSERAFIM and the shooter game Overwatch 2 have joined forces. Aside of some exclusive-in items in the Overwatch game and Legendary hero skins. The girl group have released their full English single ‘Perfect Night’. — A very chill but yet catchy song, which is just perfect for… a night.

‘Perfect Night’ is the first comeback of LE SSERAFIM after the release of their first studio album Unforgiven back in May. According to a message on Weverse, their latest track ‘Perfect Night’ should ‘Send an energetic message on a not-so-perfect day you can be fun when you spend it with your crew’. Which you can also see back in the music video of the track where the story of the song gets told from two different perspectives. It all starts with a practice from the girls, for their upcoming concert. Meanwhile, it switches between their practice and their Overwatch 2 characters by making it in time for their show. The video gives a really cyberpunk yet a bit of a retro vibe, which makes it work well with the lyrics of the song. ‘I’d care at 11:59, The way that I feel when I’m dancin’ with my girls / Perfect energy, yeah, we flawless, yeah, we free, but nothin’ counts after midnight’.

LE SSERAFIM is a five-member group that debuted in May 2022 under SOURCE MUSIC (a sub-label of HYBE). The group consists of members CHAEWON, YUNJIN, EUNCHAE, KAZUHA, and SAKURA. The name ‘LE SSERAFIM’ is an anagram of the phrase ‘I’m Fearless’ — which the group radiates with their self-confidence and strong will to move forward by the world’s gaze.

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