Lauren Spencer-Smith’s new single will make your Best Friend Breakup hurt less

"Best Friend Breakup" is the perfect add-on to any scream-in-the-car playlist


You may recognize Canadian pop singer Lauren Spencer-Smith from TikTok belting her heart out in a parking garage. When she’s not singing covers, she’s releasing her own original music that is so relatable, you’d think she was there for your best friend breakup.

Spencer-Smith’s newest single “Best Friend Breakup” was released on February 10th and has already surpassed 474 million streams, an impressive achievement celebrated by the singer on her TikTok where she wrote: “We woke up to this many streams already???? I’m so grateful.”



♬ Best Friend Breakup – Lauren Spencer Smith


As a Gen Z artist, Lauren Spencer-Smith has mastered the music strategy of dropping teasers for months leading up to a song release and that has clearly paid off as fans can’t stop listening, with one TikToker commenting “The way that I just moved on from losing my best friend a few month ago…I’m still gonna scream this song though.”

The “Best Friend Breakup” lyrics are brutally relatable as they perfectly illustrate the emotional trauma of being replaced by the one person you imagined never living without.

“Everyone at school thought we were sisters / Dressed the same, talked the same / together all the time / You could find me in your family pictures / Next to you, in the frame, but you moved on and I’m replaced.”

Like Spencer-Smith sings in the song, we’re told that romantic breakups hurt the most, but often it’s the friendships we lose that leave scars.

“Always thought that it’d be love / That was gonna mess me up / Didn’t think this it’d hurt this much / When best friends break up”

The song’s lyric video shows baby pictures of the singer on a fridge, with the lyrics appearing as colorful magnet letters, a creative way to tie together the song’s sentimental concept of losing childhood friends. Of course, Spencer-Smith’s powerfully emotional vocal tone just adds to the heartbreak.


“Best Friend Breakup” is Spencer-Smith’s first release of 2023, with her debut album set to come later in the year.

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