Korean R&B artist SAAY releases digital single DOMINO

Powerhouse singer-songwriter SAAY has released her new digital single “DOMINO,” her first release in seven months.


Powerhouse singer-songwriter SAAY has released her new digital single “DOMINO,” her first release in seven months. She wrote and co-composed the fully English track, using her knowledge and talent to bridge the gap between cultures with her music.

Since her debut as a soloist in 2017, she’s been heavily involved in the writing and production of her music, as well as the performances that go with it. The singer is also known for composing, writing, and producing for other artists such as TWICE, Aespa, Baekhyun of EXO, THE BOYZ, and more.

SAAY’s unique and captivating voice tells a story of fear and the desire for success, and losing the ability to feel like a person with agency in the process.
Photo of SAAY standing and posing with the flowy material of her dress.

The lyrics of “DOMINO” portray the passion for success as an artist and the anxiety that comes with working towards it. “I wanted to express our feelings of insecurity and imperfectness.

I had to do it for me and for us,” says SAAY about the track. The fear of slip-ups or failure is all too familiar to most creatives, and the singer uses the metaphor of a falling domino to paint a visual for what the anticipation feels like.

Dance crew WE DEM BOYZ, as well as dancer IBAN, show off their skills in the music video. The dancers are known for performing in the popular Korean dance competition shows Street Man Fighter and Street Woman Fighter.

The video cycles between dark, moody shots and scenes of the singer surrounded by sparkles and warm lighting, seeming to resemble the highs and lows of chasing one’s dreams. A hazy image of SAAY with warm lighting and shiny details.

SAAY made a name for herself with her blend of R&B, hip hop, and soul, combined with her unique voice and abundance of talent. She signed with Universal Music Korea for her solo debut after spending several years as the leader of K-Pop girl group EvoL.

Since 2017 the singer has been steadily creating a vast catalog of albums and singles, including collaborations with artists such as Snoop Dogg and Crush. Listen to “DOMINO” here!

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