KEY goes in for the kill with the new release Killer

SHINee’s KEY is back with a new single and repackaged album, both titled Killer


SHINee’s KEY has returned with Killer, the repacked version of GASOLINE, his second full-length solo album, released in August 2022. Killer features three brand new songs in addition to songs from the GASOLINE album. The three new tracks are ‘Killer’ – also serving as a lead single, ‘Heartless’ and ‘Easy’.

The title track ‘Killer’ is an 80s synth-driven pop-dance track with an up-tempo and a beat that will make everyone want to commit a murder on the dance floor. As if the song is not already going in for the kill, the chorus is the real killer, powerful and with KEY fully showcasing his outstanding vocals. ‘Killer’ describes the regret and pain of being unable to move on from a past lover after a breakup.

‘Heartless’ is a rock-dance track that combines electric guitar and an intense bass sound, with lyrics telling the story of a creature created by a ‘Mad Scientist’ that appeared on the cover of the GASOLINE album. The third new song is ‘Easy’, a dreamy pop mid-tempo. The lyrics unravel that saying ‘it’s easy to act cool in front of your ex-lover’ is actually all a lie.

According to SM Entertainment, the album Killer topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 20 countries 24 hours after its release. The album landed first on the charts of countries such as Japan, Spain, Chile, Mexico and more. In addition, Killer took the top spot in the Worldwide iTunes Albums Chart.

KEY’s Killer, the repackaged version of his second full-length album, is available across all streaming platforms.

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