Jungkook turns 23 as BTS achieves No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100

We can’t think of a better way of celebrating JK’s birthday! Happy birthday, JK!


Since Dynamite dropped, ARMY has focused on helping BTS score that No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 as a birthday gift for the youngest member. Of course the powerful fan base was able to fulfill their goal. Team work makes the dream work!

The Hot 100 list was published this Monday, August 31st. In Korea, it was already past midnight, and the maknae’s birthday wishes had already started to spread on social media.

Jin and RM were the first ones to mention how amazing it is for them to receive such good news as a gift for Jungkook’s day. The oldest members have all posted about the No. 1 and wished the younger one a happy birthday. Now Jungkook’s birthday will always be the day he and his bandmates accomplished one of their greatest dreams since they debuted seven years ago.

ARMY also planned many different ways of showing Jungkook the amount of love and appreciation they have for him. The projects from all over the world included train stations, buses, billboard, trucks and ferris wheels carrying ARMY’s best wishes to Jungkook on his 23rd birthday.

The Golden Maknae is really passionate about BTS and ARMY — on his right hand, we can see all the tattoos that represent how much love he has for them both. The younger also never fails to put in emotional words that he’s always thinking about their fans and he’s thankful for them. In this year’s FESTA, Jungkook released Still With You, a beautiful song dedicated to ARMY who he misses so much now that he’s not able to perform and meet them. Hashtag relationship goals, right?

Today we are all happy to witness Jungkook’s day become even more special for BTS and ARMY.

Happy Birthday, Jungkook!
Congratulations BTS!

We can’t wait to see what else you guys have yet to achieve together.

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