Jungkook shines bright singing the FIFA World Cup 2022 official theme song

Jungkook’s debut solo stage was extra special at the World Cup opening


The 2022 FIFA World Cup has begun, and they invited worldwide superstar Jungkook from BTS to sing the official soundtrack of the global event this year. Who could imagine that the singer’s solo debut would happen all the way in Qatar opening this year’s World Cup?

The song is all about embracing love and respect among the cultures represented by the football teams who keep the passion alive playing this well-loved sport.

Dreamers surpassed Jungkook’s own song Stay Alive and became the second biggest debut week on Spotify by a K-pop soloist with 32 million streams proving that BTS’ fans are still a force to be reckoned with. The song also debuted on the first day at the top of the Spotify Worldwide Chart at position number two with 4.8 million streams.

There’s no doubt about BTS’ huge success and talent in everything they do, they shine bright together and Jungkook proved that they can still shine as one.

People had a lot to say about the opening ceremony and how beautiful it was. Jungkook was definitely one of the highlights of the night and ARMY couldn’t be prouder of him.

Not everyone can say that they were handpicked by FIFA to sing the World Cup’s theme song but BTS’ maknae definitely can!

How is BTS’ new chapter looking to everyone so far? We got J-hope‘s amazing second album, Jack In The Box, Jin‘s farewell song The Astronaut, with other members’ work on the way in the upcoming months and now Jungkook’s Dreamers. We are very excited to witness all of them!

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