Jungkook of BTS tops the Hot 100 Chart with SEVEN

The singer joins his band and bandmate as the only Korean acts to top the chart


Jungkook of BTS has just finished his promotions of his debut single as a solo artist, just arrived back home in South Korea and probably went to bed with the big news that his song topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, one of the hardest charts to achieve – well apparently not for ARMY.

“SEVEN” featuring the rapper Latto, joins “Like Crazy” by Jimin, “Dynamite”, “Butter”, “Life Goes On”, “Savage Love”, “My Universe” and “Permission to Dance” by BTS, the only Korean artists to top the chart so far.

He also got what fans are calling a “Billboard All Kill” since “SEVEN” went number one on the Global Chart and Global 200 Chart as well.

On Spotify “SEVEN” has been number one since its release, 11 days ago, proving that the Golden Maknae of BTS has a huge hit on his hands. “SEVEN” is a summer song, upbeat and fun to listen to, with an explicit and a clean version to listen to all by yourself and with your family.

The movie video shows Jungkook and Han So Hee, an amazing Korean actress, going through difficult times in their relationship, facing many obstacles that Jungkook is eager to show they mean nothing and is sure of loving her all seven days of the week. Jungkook even fakes his own funeral to prove his love to her.

Jungkook said in an interview to Weverse Megazine how he wants to show more sides of himself with the single and how he wants ARMY to be on this journey of being himself with him.

“My life would be meaningless without ARMY now. I mean, they’re always there for me (…) It’s such a natural feeling. I just want us to be each other’s special someone—nothing more, nothing less. They’re the ones who support me, so I want to be comfortable showing them who I am, and while we might be physically far apart, I hope we can feel like we’re right next to each other, just like friends.”

So far 6 members of BTS have released solo projects, it started with Jin releasing “The Astronaut” before joining the ARMY, then J-hope released his album Jack In The Box. RM was next with his incredible album Indigo. Jimin and SUGA had really close releases with “FACE” and “D-DAY” and now Jungkook with “SEVEN”. We’re waiting patiently for V to announce his solo debut and for the youngest to release his full album.

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