The Album of the year has landed

The Jonas Brothers have dropped their highly anticipated album, The Album.


Who else is super excited that The Album is finally here? The Jonas Brothers released their brand new album last week, much to their fans’ anticipation.

The 12-track album has been teased non-stop by Joe, Nick and Kevin in recent months, building up the fans’ excitement. The brothers have performed part of The Album already to sold-out crowds in New York and London. The pop album sounds very much how you’d expect the Jonas Brothers to sound, yet some of the lyrics are extremely mature proving to listeners they are no longer the Disney teenagers people think they are.

The two singles ‘Wings’ and ‘Waffle House’ have done amazingly well in the charts and on the radio. Just as importantly, the fan reception to both singles was very well received so it was no doubt that The Album would be the same.

In March, Joe, Nick and Kevin had a five-night residency in New York at the Marquis Theatre. They performed each of their albums in full on each night to the delight of many fans in attendance. In April, they brought the fun over to the UK where they played to a sold-out crowd at the iconic Royal Albert Hall.

To celebrate the release of The Album, the Jonas Brothers have also announced a summer tour in the US. Five Albums, One Night, The Tour is on sale now and will take the brothers all over the US, with promises of making the tour a global one.

The Album is out now.

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