JIHYO creates her own ZONE with first solo debut

The member of TWICE is Killin' us for good with her album


The highly anticipated solo from TWICE member JIHYO is finally here! The leader of one the biggest K-pop groups in the world has released her debut mini-album ZONE. JIHYO is the second member of TWICE making her solo debut, following up her fellow member NAYEON whom debuted with ‘POP!’ in June 2022.

JIHYO’s solo mini album ZONE consists of 7 tracks. To kick off with the lead single ‘Killin’ Me Good’ — which is about the ups and downs of a relationship, however JIHYO makes it sound like a very funky pop song which gives you a massive energy boost to dance along. Following up is the song ‘Talkin’ About It’ which is a feature with 24kGoldn and sounds quite refreshing for a K-pop song, it’s something new and is just like ‘Killin’ Me Good’ a nice tune to dance to. In the 3rd song, ‘Closer’, we hear a completely different side of JIHYO. It’s still very funky, but it sounds more sexy and confident. This will definitely be a fan favourite! Moving on to the fourth song, ‘Wishing On You’ also precisely matches the vibe of ‘Closer’, its chill and sounds like a great addition to the album.

The fifth track of the album, ‘Don’t Make Me Wanna Go Back’ is also a feature with Heize. This sounds like a break-up of a relationship, someone was special for you but you don’t wanna go back to them because the romance has disappeared. ‘We’re on the right track, I don’t wanna go back.’ Moving on to the last two songs of the album, ‘Room’ and ‘Nightmare’ – both songs kinda sound like they have a connection with each other, however ‘Room’ sounds more like a dreamy song, where ‘Nightmare’ is more of an up-tempo song, as if you literally woke up from a Nightmare.

There’s at least one thing that we can conclude from JIHYO’s first solo debut: mother is mothering.

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