Jade from Little Mix is against whitewashing and we are with her 100%

Whitewashing is NOT okay


Little Mix has a brand new range with USA Pro which they’ve each designed and Jade decided to share a little sneak peek of her creation…


While we think Jade looks gorge, we noticed something was a little different and one fan pointed it out…

Whitewashing is a term that is used to refer to the attempt, usually by the entertainment industry, at making ethnic people more appealing by lightening their skin, making them less ethnic and more “white”. It’s considered pretty racist and something that happens all the time and, of course, people of colour are pretty mad at it. There are other ways of whitewashing, too, such as casting white people to play ethnic characters, which is a big problem in Hollywood.

With Jade being of a mixed ethnicity, our hearts break at the thought of her being whitewashed, but she responded to the fan with this comment.

We’re so glad that it was the flash and even more glad that Jade doesn’t stand for the idea of whitewashing. People of all ethnicities are beautiful and we should appreciate their culture and natural beauty instead of trying to get them to conform to the identity of Caucasians.

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