Jackson Wang releases new Mandarin single 一个人 Alone

Jackson Wang releases new Mandarin single '一个人 Alone'


Jackson Wang has released a new single and music video for his solo track ‘一个人 Alone’. After releasing ‘過 Should’ve Let Go’, featuring JJ Lin in December, Jackson is back with a new track under his Team Wang Label.

In the song and music video for ‘Alone’, Jackson narrates his journey and facing everything alone. It is an emotional journey, song and video. Jackson sings that even after all these years and no matter what, he is still alone. Jackson can fight and fall, and he is now ready to accept the failure and rise again.

The visuals and the lyrics are powerful and emotional. As Jackson wakes up in a shattered flat and walks around in a desert, he sings “I am alone in this journey. Although sometimes I feel cold, I am used to being alone.”

Jackson is all about making his own history and wanting to leave a legacy behind; he wishes that people do not forget about him. “One day, when I am no longer here, I hope people still remember me.” After all his sacrifices and his success, if people remember Jackson Wang for his music, it will mean that he succeeded.

The song and music video is also a means of support for others. In the end of the video, Jackson shares a beautiful message motivating everyone to strive for success and not to give up in face of challenges.

“No one can walk our paths for us; We might feel lost and alone. There will be many reasons and problems that stop us from moving forward, but we should not give up. When you love something, you should keep fighting to achieve it.”

The song is in Mandarin, Jackson’s native language. From the lyrics to MV to the production process, Wang took part in all the stages.

Watch the video below

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