Hey Violet Say 5 Seconds of Summer Have Boosted Their Confidence as Mentors

5SOS + HV = Friendship goals


Hey Violet are pretty much the luckiest band right now. They’ve got great fans, they’ve just released their debut album and have 5 Seconds of Summer as their mentors as well as best friends. Life’s pretty good for them, right?

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Speaking to Billboard’s Pop Shop podcast, Rena Lovelis, Miranda Miller, Nia Lovelis, Casey Moreta and Iain Shipp, spoke about how the 5SOS lads have influenced them.

“I think they boosted our confidence as well a little bit,” Nia explained.

Rena adds, “Definitely. We started out as a very shy band.”

Nia also talked about how Hey Violet and 5SOS have a great bond.

“They came in and they’re really smart. They’re very passionate about music, and they always wanted to understand us.”

“We’ve always had that kind of friendship and respect between us and it makes it easier. We go on road trips and share demos, and I’m trying to think of the right word… ya, mutual respect.”

GAH, friendship goals or what? We hope there’s more coming from the two bands working together in the near future.

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