Harry Styles has broken yet another record

Take a trip down memory lane with us as we look back on his best tweets.


Being one of the top selling recording artists in the industry today isn’t the only thing Harry Styles seems to be good at. The star is now setting records with social media as well. In 2018, Guinness World Records will feature Harry as the male musician with the “Most Twitter Engagements” with 180,607 retweets. His star power is undeniable judging from his social media with over 31 million followers on Twitter and almost 22 million on Instagram.

As a way to commemorate Harry’s great accomplishment, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the popstar’s most memorable tweets.

Remember the Halloween party One Direction had while on tour and Harry iconically dressed up as Miley Cyrus? He ultimately partied too hard, because it took him a whole three days to tweet again after that tweet.

Let’s not forget about Harry showing his eccentric love for the classic Christmas jingle.

For his 22nd birthday, he gave a nod to the iconic Taylor Swift song–almost mandatory for every 22-year-old on their day of birth.

1D Day will always stay in our hearts forever–a whole seven-hour long livestream of nothing but One Direction was a dream come true for all of us. But it was also the day Harry ate a grasshopper as part of a challenge during the live show–only true, dedicated fans would know the meaning behind this one.

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Do we even bother asking what the story behind this one was?

Never forget Harry’s famous words after famously twerking at the TCA’s back in 2013.

harry styles breaks yet another record because of twitter
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There’s nothing to say about this one–it’s pretty self-explanatory.

A little on the more serious side, following Zayn‘s departure from One Direction, Harry took to Twitter to remind fans his love for them was just as strong as ever with a short but simple tweet.

To round out this collection of some of our favorite tweets from the singer, this pretty much sums up Harry’s outlook and motto in life. Always citing kindness as his most important characteristic in life, it seems to be very fitting.

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