Harry Styles is always going above and beyond for his fans


It’s not every day you find a superstar of high calibre fame with a humble and modest attitude like Harry Styles. Always willing to give his fans the best experience possible at his shows, Harry has shown time and time again he’ll go above and beyond for the people who love him dearly.

Currently embarking on his first solo world tour—playing exclusively in intimate venues played by iconic music legends—the singer has not shied away from promoting his signature motto “Treat People With Kindness,” even branding some of his merchandise with the simple but powerful mantra.

This is just one of the many generous actions on the long list of things the star has done to make his loyal fanbase adore him that much more. Take a look at some more heartwarming moments between Harry and his fans that will make it hard for you to hate him.

During his show in D.C., a fan passed out in the crowd, causing a bit of chaos to ensue. Harry promptly stopped performing to make sure the girl was alright—even passing a water bottle to security to give to the fan to help her recover.

Everyone remembers Harry attempting to stage dive during his secret gig in New York City—mostly because he fell on a fan while doing so. Feeling enormously bad, the singer brought the fan backstage to meet her personally and apologize, resulting in this swoon-worthy video that made us all want to possibly get knocked down by Harry—only if it meant we got this kind of treatment afterwards.

Harry’s Nova’s Red Room performance was the place to be in September—giving a handful of Australian fans the chance to watch the musician perform in an intimate setting. He also took the time to hug and meet every fan after the show—something not many big-name stars usually do.

Knowing his fanbase consists of mostly women, Harry never hesitates to embrace it and it’s always in the most respectful way. During his show in Dallas, TX, the popstar expressed his heartwarming thoughts to the crowd.

We can’t forget to mention the fans who drove eleven hours to see Harry perform on the TODAY show—showing them nothing but love when they were pulled up on stage to meet the popstar. It’s safe to say it was certainly a road trip that was worth it.

These are just a handful of kind gestures Harry has shown his fans—the list is far too long to mention every single one, giving actions he’s exemplified over the years since rising to fame. One thing’s for sure, Harry has always remained true to himself and has proved that treating people with kindness can get you very far.

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