Halsey and SUGA reunite in Lilith for the game Diablo IV

The duo joined forces to recreate Halsey’s song from the “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power”


Halsey and BTS SUGA released this Monday (June 05) a new collaboration for Diablo IV that’ll be out this Tuesday, on June 06. The song is a remake version of Halsey’s track from her 2021 studio album. “Lilith” got SUGA’s verses and a whole music video directed by video game specialist, Henry Hobson.

This is the third time that the duo worked together. The first time was for BTS’ “Boy With Luv” back in 2019 then, Halsey invited SUGA to join her album Maniac, which he sang, wrote and produced “SUGA’s Interlude”.

We’ve been seeing a lot of this friendship lately. Halsey went to SUGA’s solo concert in LA and performed SUGA’s Interlude for the first time live. She even posted on Instagram photos of the performance with a huge text calling SUGA her twin – to which he responded he was older than her by a year.

We can also see their dynamic in SUGA’s documentary available on Disney+ where we can see scenes of him visiting Halsey at her home and various clips of them having fun together. Last year for SUGA’s birthday she even posted a photo of him and her son from this visit – we’re living for this friendship to be honest.

Fans spent the day making “Lilith” climb all the way to the top on the iTunes charts and commenting about how well their voices are mixed together. Also, shout out to SUGA’s vocals and English in this song, he did an amazing job. Halsey looks stunning on the movie video and we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve watched it already.

Go stream “Lilith” and stan Halsey and the uncle gang, aka BTS.

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