Living the fangirl dream: My experience dating The Vamps


It’s every fangirl’s dream to go on a date with their favorite band or artist, but only in fan fiction do those dreams ever seem to become reality.

It all started when I was on Twitter and saw a tweet from @IHeartTheaterNY asking to tweet them explaining why you’d want to go on a date with The Vamps so, obviously, I tweeted back approximately fifty times.  I tweeted screenshots of my old tweets and basically anything I could think of to show that I really wanted this.

After not hearing anything for a few hours, I kind of gave up hope and assumed they’d picked a different winner. That was until I got a DM from @IHeartTheaterNY telling me I was a “potential winner.” They asked me questions about how long I’d liked The Vamps, if I’d ever met them (which I hadn’t), and for a fun fact about the boys. Finally, they told me I was the winner! Less than 24 hours later, I’d be not only meeting The Vamps, but DATING them.

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So, I hopped on a train early the next morning to make my way into New York for my date. I literally had butterflies and couldn’t even try to eat anything… I WAS ABOUT TO GO ON A DATE WITH ONE OF MY FAVORITE BANDS. I was the definition of shook. At precisely 1 pm, I made my way to the top secret location of my date.

I was then led to the room where my date would be happening. Basically, I was going to get a one-minute date with each member and do a ‘Bachelorette’-type rose ceremony at the end. The entire interaction was going to be recorded, and I didn’t even get to meet them beforehand! I got my questions ready and in came James.

When James first came in, I was literally so caught off guard that I could barely get my name out! However, as much as I love James, we didn’t seem to agree on much. My favorite member of One Direction is Harry and his is Niall, and he likes The Chainsmokers and I…don’t. I think if we were to spend more than one minute chatting, though, we would have definitely found more in common. Regardless, I was still so happy to have been able to chat and speed date James! Next up was Tristan.

My date with Tristan went quite a bit better than my date with James (for starters, I love guys who play the drums). First, we bonded over our love for Ed Sheeran and discussed a *potential* date night at one of his concerts. Then, we discovered that both of our favorite cities are New York and London, despite the fact that I’ve never even been to Europe. So, it’s safe to say that Tristan had my heart…until Brad and I had our date.

From the minute Brad entered the room, I could tell that our date was going to go well. I absolutely loved the outfit he had on and he even complimented my dress (which I had picked out specifically for the occasion)! I died a little inside when he told me his favorite music artist was Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys because I love them, and when he started describing his ideal date night, I was sold. He said we’d have a movie night, which I can’t resist since I’m majoring in film and television! We discussed which movies we’d watch and our date actually ended up lasting over 2 minutes, despite some of it being cut, because we couldn’t stop chatting.

In the end, Brad received my rose! I love all the boys dearly, but it’s clear Brad and I definitely had the greatest conversation. Although it’s not on video, I was able to chat with all three guys after we finished the speed dating about my job, my Twitter, and about their next tour in the US! They even stopped to take a selfie with me when I saw them outside after we filmed the video. This was truly an unforgettable experience and I will forever be able to relive it with this video (for those of you wondering where Connor was, he stayed in the UK this part of their visit to the US)!

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