10 times we all wished we were as cool as the Haim sisters

Watch them record some of their hits from their new album.


We’ve all at some point wished we were as effortlessly cool as the Haim sisters. With their unique sense of style, one-of-a-kind wit and dynamic talent, they’ve made us jealous time and time again. The release of their new short film ‘Valentine,’ shows the sisters recording some hits off their recently released album ‘Something to Tell You.’ Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, ‘Valentine’ reveals an in-depth look into what the process of creating their sophomore album was like.

The film only confirms our feelings about the sister trio—we all wished we were as cool as them. Along with ‘Valentine,’ we’re here to remind you of all the moments we longed to be a part of the Haim family.

1. When they danced down the streets of L.A. 

Who knew strutting down a street could be so cool? Haim made it look so easy—singing and dancing down the streets of L.A. in the music video for their lead single ‘Want You Back.’

2. When they covered Shania Twain’s ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’

While doing the promo rounds for their second album, Haim stopped by Triple J in Australia where their cover of the country superstar’s hit definitely left us with our jaws dropped. Danielle’s impressive guitar solos, Este’s charming attitude and Alana’s spot-on drumming skills made for a massively buzzed-about performance.

3. When Danielle Haim’s sense of style left us speechless

am i italian yet

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There’s no doubt Haim have an exceptional sense of style that we’re all envious of, but one-third of the group, Danielle, frequently reminds us she’s a fashion icon in the making. Her official Instagram account has become the main source of showing off her innovative outfits that have us all drooling.

4. When they met Alanis Morissette


Everyone’s familiar with 90’s pop-rockstar Alanis Morissette, with hits like ‘Ironic,’ ‘You Oughta Know’ and ‘You Learn,’ she made herself a certified name in the music industry and by association makes Haim ten times cooler than they were before. We think Alanis would make a great addition to the trio.

5. When they sold out the Greek Theatre in L.A.

Selling out any venue is an achievement any artist is extremely proud of—doesn’t matter if it’s a stadium, an arena or even a small coffee shop. When Haim sold out the Greek Theatre in L.A., they were nothing but a huge ball of excitement, posting this enthusiastic video on their Twitter, dancing and prancing happily around the venue.

6. When they grace the covers of magazines


Haim is always letting their signature personalities shine through in every photoshoot they do, giving us an even bigger reason to want to be their friend.

7. When we wished we had all the money in the world to buy all of their merch


To go along with their quirky personalities, Haim’s merchandise is the perfect fit. They’re even selling select pieces on Urban Outfitters, giving fans more access to get their hands on these cute, fashionable pieces.

8. When they sang along with Prince 

10 times we all wished we were as cool as the Haim sisters
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At Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary special, the event was definitely star-studded. In rare fashion, the late Prince performed his hit ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ during the afterparty, making it a memorable night for everyone in the room. It was especially a night to remember for Haim, who stood alongside him on stage, singing along with one of their idols.

9. When Brie Larson begged to be in their band

In this video for Funny or Die, actress Brie Larson posed as the fourth Haim sister, Frime, wanting desperately to be a part of their band. Showing off their comedic side, it made us love the siblings even more.

10. When their unconditional love for each other shines through


We think the main reason why we love the Haim sisters so much is their love for each other is so obvious. Nothing’s more heartwarming than a family working and sticking together through thick and thin. One thing’s for sure, they keep us entertained every day with their fashion, quirks and charm.

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