Casey Baer’s PTXD is the perfect heartbreak anthem

Brb, singing my lungs out on PTXD


Everyone can relate to the feeling of being daunted by the memory of an ex, but how do you get over it? Just blast Casey Baer’s new single ‘PTXD’ (post traumatic ex disorder) through your speaker and let the song hit you right in the feels.

The LA popstar dropped her new single ‘PTXD’ on August 4. The song might be your new favourite pop-rock anthem. Casey Baer opens up in her song about how an ex can make you feel after you break up with them; something that’s also based on her own experience with her past relationships. ‘PTXD’ must make you feel like what Casey was feeling during that time. With her lyrics as ‘PTXD, look at what you did to me, tore my f*cking heart out’ and ‘Why’d you hurt me, you don’t even deserve me’ can we feel a mix of pain but also self-awareness — exactly something that Casey want’s to create. “I’m a very open and honest person in my music, which stems from me not being the most forthcoming with my emotions when I was younger.” Casey explains. ”I want my music to remind people that they’re not alone in their struggles. Giving myself the freedom to feel has changed my life, and I hope to help others do the same.”

With ‘PTXD’, lots of people can relate to Casey’s pain, but maybe the song can also relate to their own experiences. It’s a dynamic song with lots of anger but also combined with a sprinkle of self-love, and overall; just a rollercoaster of emotions. We definitely see ‘PTXD’ ending high up in the charts and being our new favourite heartbreak anthem!

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