BTS takes over Busan with Yet To Come Concert

BTS prepared a special concert to promote the city of Busan for the World Expo 2030


BTS had a live concert this weekend that brought together over 100 thousand ARMYs from around the world in Busan, South Korea. The concert was also watched by almost 50 million people online through the Weverse platform. The idea behind the concert was to promote the city as a candidate to host the World Expo 2030 with BTS as ambassadors.

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The group’s company went all out and turned the whole city into a purple paradise for ARMYs, there were themed attractions and parties before and after the concert, two live play locations and a BTS Proof Exhibition. Locals were impressed by the number of visitors who were there only for BTS. Even the number of flights to South Korea increased this week to accommodate ARMY’s demand for the event. You can count on BTS to move a whole country for one and only performance.

The free concert that was also streamed online for free was on Twitter’s trending topics for most part of the day and ARMY are reliving and counting every moment on social media with the hashtag #BTSYetToComeInBusan.

BTS performed a bunch of their fans’ favorite songs and even had a brand-new performance of RUN BTS, one of the new songs of their latest anthology album PROOF. The stage was filled with meaningful items of their movie videos that were all put together on their last movie video for the single Yet To Come.


Right at the end of the show Jin surprised everybody announcing that he’ll be releasing a single soon and even teased more about it on a Weverse post after the concert. BTS’ members have been showing some solo works this year and after Jhope‘s Jack in the Box we’ve been wondering who was next, now we can count the days to Jin’s new single.

It’s hard to say exactly when we’ll be seeing BTS together on stage or touring again, but we’re excited to enjoy more of this new era they promised all the way back in June, it’s been great so far. As they’ve been saying – the best is yet to come.

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