BTS gives ARMY a beautiful gift with Take Two

Take Two was the perfect gift for BTS' loyal fanbase


BTS are currently on a pause of group activities so the members can serve the mandatory military time in South Korea, but that did not stop the members from releasing a whole new song for ARMY on their 10th anniversary as a group.

‘Take Two’ was released on June 9, with little to no promotion at all and the track still managed to debut number one on the Spotify Global Chart with over 9 million streams, becoming the biggest debut by a K-pop act in 2023 on the platform. Those numbers can only prove one thing: ARMY is always ready to take BTS to top and it doesn’t matter the moment the band is in, they’ll definitely find a way to show how much love and appreciation they have for the group.

‘Take Two’ dropped during FESTA 2023 for BTS’ 10 year anniversary, where each day until June 13 the group releases a lot of content as a gift to ARMY. So far ARMY got to enjoy BangBangCon again, watched many old practice videos and even got a video of BTS themselves planning ways to promote their anniversary. On June 17 Seoul will receive a big celebration for FESTA with fireworks, activities involving the members and everything ARMY deserves.

Now back to the song – the BTS rapline alongside talent songwriters put it together and SUGA put his producer skills to work to make the perfect song for ARMY, with a clear message for their fanbase – even with everything changing and time passing by, after everything they all did together, will ARMY stay and wait for them? Well, if these reactions are anything to go by, they’ll probably stay forever.

Listen to Take Two below and let us know your thoughts on the song.

Happy FESTA everyone!

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