Big Time Rush return after a decade with new single Not Giving You Up

What a (big) time to be alive.


Who would’ve thought that one of the most iconic boybands would come back in 2022 with a new single? Big Time Rush are back with their brand new single ‘Not Giving You Up’. Logan, Carlos, James and Kendall are here, and they are ready to serve. Can we PLEASE get a new album already?

In 2021 the band were already hinting at a comeback – in September they teased about dropping a new song in an Instagram post ”500K likes and we’ll tease that new music.” They didn’t reach the 500K likes, but thankfully were okay with 433,132 likes. “Did we say 500k likes? We actually meant 433,132. New new unlocked!!” Lucky us. Although the boys already dropped a song earlier, their second single ”Call It Like I See It” is even more huge. It just really means that Big Time Rush will never die and that they’re 100% back!

Big Time Rush are also performing again. In December they had a sold out show in Chicago and New York, but this summer the band will also be touring their ‘Forever Tour’ with Dixie D’amelio, and you can get tickets RIGHT NOW. For more info about the tour you can check out their website. One thing is for sure, Big Time Rush are living it big time and now we only wait for a brand new album.

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