aespa release empowering single Life’s Too Short

‘Life’s Too Short’ is accompanied by a glossy 2000s aesthetic music video


aespa are back with the pre-release single ‘Life’s Too Short’. The single also marks the group’s first-ever English single.

aespa performed ‘Life’s Too Short’ during their first-ever live performance in the US at Coachella in April. ‘Life’s Too Short’ is described as a “blissful pop song featuring catchy guitar riffs and bright, hopeful vocals”. aespa shared that “‘Life’s Too Short’ contains a message to all our MYs to stay true to yourselves and spread love because life is too short, so I hope everyone listens to it and receives positive energy!”. Through the lyrics, aespa want to invite everyone to live their lives to the fullest, with no regrets, and be themselves, “I’m doing me regardless and I don’t care what you say about it / and it don’t matter if you like it or not”.

‘Life’s Too Short’ is accompanied by a cute, glossy and Y2K aesthetic music video that portrays aespa’s unique style.

‘Life’s Too Short’ will appear on the EP Girls, as per the tracklist, available on the Korean streaming platforms MelOn and Genie. The EP contains 9 tracks, including the title track ‘Girls’ and the new tracks ‘Lingo’ and ‘ICU’. Girls – the second mini-album – will be released on July 8.

Earlier this month, The rising K-Pop group have been announced as Apple Music’s new global Up Next artist. As part of Apple Music’s monthly artist spotlight, geared towards identifying, showcasing and elevating rising talent, aespa will release an Up Next short film, a sit-down interview with Apple Music’s Brooke Reese on Apple Music 1 Radio, a US late-night TV appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and more content. You can watch aespa’s Up Next film here.

aespa are hosting intimate fan events at the YouTube Theater in Los Angeles on June 26 and 27 due to high demand. During the event, aespa will perform new music off their forthcoming EP, Girls – The 2nd Mini Album, out on July 8. aespa are also set to make their U.S. late-night debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 29.

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