aespa are back with the futuristic-pop mini album Girls

The mini album includes the single 'Girls' and their breakthrough hit 'Black Mamba'


aespa – one of the most exciting and fast-rising girl groups in K-Pop of the past couple of years – have released their much-awaited new project Girls – The 2nd Mini Album and the homonym single. Girls come after aespa’s promotion for their cover of S.E.S’ ‘Dreams Come True’ at the end of 2021, their debut on the American stage at Coachella in April 2022 – where they debuted the track ‘Life’s Too Short’ and the pre-release of the single ‘Illusion’.

Girls – The 2nd Mini Album features nine tracks that showcase KARINA, GISELLE, WINTER and NINGNING vocals and rapping while exploring various music styles – electro-pop, sentimental ballads, and breezy R&B. The EP also includes aespa’s 2020 debut single, ‘Black Mamba’, and a futuristic hip-hop remake of S.E.S’s ‘Dreams Come True’. Fans can enjoy new tracks such as ‘Lingo’, the title track ‘Girls’, the sugary ‘ICU’, and their most recent single and English language debut ‘Life’s Too Short’, which impacted US Top 40 radio.

With the single ‘Girls’, aespa open the door to naevis and an edgy – EDM track with flashes or rock.

In the pre-release single ‘Illusion’ the group prefers a minimal yet hypnotic approach to a song that will make you jam.

In ‘Lingo’ the group nudge to country blended to their future-pop with a harmonica riff combined with EDM and bass. ‘Life’s Too Short’ – featuring twice on the album, in Korean and in English – is a safe guitar-led pop track, more like the next track ‘ICU’, a song with nice and warm vocals and a hopeful feeling.

SM Entertainment has announced that Girls – The 2nd Mini Album has officially broke the biggest first-week sales by a K-Pop girl group in history. The mini album sold more than 1.42 million copies in the first week of its release last Friday – July 8. This marks the first time in K-Pop history that an album by a girl group has hit this milestone in the first week.

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