aespa confirmed to perform at Coachella this weekend

aespa's upcoming appearance marks their first-ever live performance in the US


aespa are going to take over one of the world’s most important music stages, as SM Entertainment confirm they will join the Coachella lineup during the second weekend of the festival with an explosive and special set on the main stage. aespa’s performance will be part of 88rising’s historic Head in the Clouds Forever stage – the group revealed in an exclusive interview with Billboard on April 20.

The group’s upcoming appearance will be their first concert performance in the United States since their debut during the pandemic in November 2020, and they quickly became one of the most prominent rookie groups in the K-Pop scene.

“We didn’t have many opportunities to showcase our performances in person, so we are incredibly excited and looking forward to performing our music live to the audience and delivering positive energy to the crowd. We worked hard to prepare a special performance for Coachella, including a never-seen-before performance of our unreleased track, so we hope everyone enjoys it and have a lot of fun with us!” KARINA said to Billboard when asked about the preparation of the performance. WINTER and NINGNING said they are practicing hard to bring their very best on stage and deliver an amazing performance for the audience and the fans.

Speaking about the new songs aespa teased in their announcement, WINTER said, “We are preparing a special performance of an unreleased track from our soon-to-be released album and it’s called ‘Life’s Too Short’. We’re singing the English version of the song so please stay tuned, hope you’re excited!”

Fans can look forward to aespa performing the hit songs ‘Black Mamba’, ‘Next Level’ and ‘Savage’ – from their first EP Savage, which entered the US Billboard 200 at No.20, the highest-ranking ever for a K-pop girl group’s debut on the Billboard 200 and Artist 100.

Answering the question of their future activities in the United States, GISELLE teased they will be back in the US to promote the next album, adding, “Hopefully, when the situation is safe, we can meet more of our global MYs” (the name of aespa’s fanbase).

aespa are the third K-Pop girl group to perform at Coachella, after last weekend’s 2NE1 surprise reunion and BLACKPINK in 2019.

Fans can livestream aespa’s performance on Saturday evening (Pacific Time), April 23, via the Official Coachella Livestream.

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