It’s Luke Hemmings’ Birthday! Here Are 21 Reasons Why We Love Him

As told by the 5SOS Fam


To celebrate Luke Hemmings’ 21st birthday, our friends at @5sosfamupdater have written an article for the birthday boy! 

As everyone in the 5SOSfamily can say, we all love the boys unconditionally and would defend them without hesitation. Today is the day we focus on the younger member of 5 Seconds of Summer, finally stopping into real adultery of the age of 21! We asked some of our followers to let us know what they love about Luke the most and put all of the reasons into one place as a little birthday gift for Luke.

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1. The fact how Luke has become so much more confident over the years, from the shy little boy with pink speakers, to a lead singer of a band which sells arenas all over the world! – @IsabellaSalvagg

2. I’ve seen the boys live 3 times now and every single time Luke never failed to smile the whole show and keep the crowd excited by joking around or just making funny faces. He was just a little ray of sunshine, even being completely sick the first time I saw them live. I also have so much respect for his stage presence, the other boys too of course, but his dedication to put on an amazing show and really remaining present and involved during the show is so amazing! –@paigecth

3. The reason why I love Luke is because no matter how bad my day is, he always manages to make me feel better. Even a simple tweet that 9/10 times doesn’t make that much sense, or 100 boomerangs with Petunia, make my day better. Whenever I’m sad I turn to him and find comfort. I feel like he’s kinda like me, personality wise. He went from the shy kid to this amazing talented fearless rockstar. I look up to this dude so much because I wanna be like that too. I wanna be fearless. I suffer from anxiety that’s so bad that I had to quit school when I was 17 and haven’t been outside much since simply because I’m terrified. But I did go to ROWYSO and SLFL, even tho I was scared and in pain for hours but I just had to see the guy I look up to. Man, this sounds so cheesy but I don’t know how else to explain it. He just means a lot to me and it’s hard to put that feeling into words. – @SierraVienna_

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4. He is genuine and doesn’t take for granted where his is now. He is so talented, has an amazing voice and is an amazing guitarist. He has grown up so much in front of our eyes, but is still has the kindest heart and always tries to make us happy. I look up to him as a person and musician. It’ll mean the world to me, to meet him one day, hug him and talk to him. – @alannahjadexoxo

5. He motivates me when I want to do something because I always remember the time when 5SOS was only one guy in his room playing the guitar, he continues to reach big goals and he never fails to surprise us with the things he has achieved. – @riptidesugg

6. I love Luke for adopting Petunia. Not only is she a shelter dog but she’s also a bully breed. This is a matter close to my heart. – @kaitlynsienk

7. That boy taught me what it means to be happy. It may sound cheesy but it’s the truth. Whenever I see his picture it makes me smile and I feel super happy. He is the one who can light up my day within seconds and who never fails to make me smile. Especially now with all his cute videos with Petunia! I even got a tattoo with the lyrics from ‘Outer Space’. And every time I look at that tattoo now, I smile and know that out there is someone who makes me happy and nothing bad (like the rain haha) can happen to me as long as I have him in my life – @lrhsmxndes

8. I love Luke because he never fails to put a smile on my face. He has helped numerous fans through tough times in their lives, and he has achieved so much and is only in his early twenties, which is definitely something to look up to! – @zettaari

9. The fact that he risked everything and didn’t give up on his dreams, especially with how young he was when 5SOS first started! – @donnamitraj

10. He stays true to himself regardless of what anyone, from fans to public opinion, thinks about him. He literally helps kids to understand how important it is to not break under the pressure of everyone around you! – @ObsessiveAyza

11. He gives fans an unconditional amount of love which you can actually feel. Even with the really long break the band recently had, he always makes sure to keep us posted with his silly videos! – @wonderland_mgc

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12. His amazing voice! The boy is really talented and you can really feel every emotion he puts into songs which moves the deepest parts of you. – @buzzirwin

13. His determination! He leads 5SOS on their journey and never gives up – @unlostfivesos

14. The way he makes everyone feel when he’s on stage! Literally sometimes it gives you to vibe he is right next to you! – @calmafirwin

15. He is an amazing friend! Always supporting his friends, sometimes even more than himself. It shows you how much hope he puts into them and how he believes in them – @vroukjee

16. He is an amazing song writer! And there’s no denying! – @smilerly7

17. He showed how much compassion is in him when he adopted an elderly dog from the shelter. Not everyone would decide on a step like this, especially knowing that pup has some sort of bad health condition. – @iwitness5sos

18. Despite the success he achieved he still stays the same awkward lanky boy we all fall in love so many years ago! – @iohmy5sos

19. The way he is with fans! When he meets them and hugs them you can see a real sparks in his eyes. If this isn’t love then I don’t know how else can you call it! – @Rusher2809

20. He is simply amazing and there’s no denying! – @discofeverrocks

21. In case you needed more – here is another 13 reasons from @kaethley! 

Happy 21st Birthday Luke, never change.

xoxo, 5SOSfam and @5SOSfamupdater

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