New Hope Club make their return to live shows

New Hope Club are back on tour for the first time in almost two years.


Finally, after almost two years of not doing any live concerts, New Hope Club are back on the road performing to fans around the UK.

The trio’s first three stops in Bristol and two nights in London have already happened. The first London show, which happened at the O2 Indigo, was the band’s first sold-out show of the tour!

New Hope Club made sure their return to the stage was unforgettable for fans as they even sang new and unreleased songs – ‘Trouble In Paradise’ and ‘Broke Is Broke’.

The self-titled tour will take the band all around the UK and to major cities such as Manchester, Newcastle, and Glasgow. It stretches across the remaining week of August and into the beginning of September.

Who’s attending New Hope Club’s first tour in two years?

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