Nathan Sykes surprises fans with new ‘Famous’ video


Nathan Sykes made everybody’s Monday a hell of a lot better when he surprised fans by announcing the release of his video for new single ‘Famous’.

Yep, that’s right – Nathan has released his music video for new single ‘Famous’ and it’s very 1950s-esque, from the old trailer to the style of diner. Based on a film set, we see Nathan falling in love with his co-star. However, she appears to be in some weird relationship with the movie director. The video was shot in LA, you know just to authenticate it a bit more for artistic reasons, am I right Nathan?

Talking about the single, Nathan said “‘Famous’ is a song inspired by someone that I was very close to when I was in the band and when the band decided to take a break they suddenly stopped talking to me. It prompted me to ask the very simple question what do I have to do to make you care about me as much as I care about you? Do I have to be ‘Famous’?”

Interesting. Although he hasn’t disclosed who this person is, I can’t help but feel sorry for him. But hey, Nathan don’t beat yourself up about it. Clearly she was shallow AF, so what’s the point wallowing? Take some advice from the new Little Mix single! Dust yourself off and move on.

Even though I read about the release of the new track the other week, it wasn’t until the other day I heard it on the radio. This is not a criticism, but I can’t help but draw similarities between the song and Michael Jackson’s ‘Who’s Loving You’. Listen to it 44 seconds in if you don’t believe me. I defy anyone who says it doesn’t sound the same.

Sorry, not sorry. Anyway, ‘Famous’ is set to be featured on Nathan’s anticipated debut solo album ‘Unfinished Business’, which is due for release on Friday, November 11th.


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