Your new anthem for this weekend: MarieLine’s ‘I Don’t Have Time For This S#!t’


Sometimes you really need an electro-pop jam to take you from week to weekend, and MarieLine’s ‘I Don’t Have Time For This S#!t’ is exactly  that. This is the first track off of MarieLine’s (pronounced like Marilyn, FYI) EP due out later this year. MarieLine has lived in Paris, Milan, London and LA, so she clearly gets what it’s like to have no time. Especially for shit. We can relate.


marieline i don't have time for this shit video


Lyrics like, “I’m at the pharmacy, she asks, ‘Have you been here before?’ Yeah… I’ve been coming for five years!” speak right to us. Not to mention when she beats down a guy on the street who asks her to save the dolphins. Sure, dolphins are great, but wouldn’t we all like to do that sometimes?


Anyway, check her music video out for yourself, and we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be blasting ‘I Don’t Have Time For This S#!t’ in your car, singing it in the shower, and shouting it at anyone who dares slow you down this weekend.


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