Lovestarrs are our new favourite electro-pop duo, and we think they’ll be yours too


Do these two look familiar? There’s a reason for that.


They’re Sarah and Hamish McIntosh – a brother and sister duo named The Good Natured who were signed to Parlophone/EMI. But actually, they’re not The Good Natured anymore, nor are they signed to Parlophone/EMI.


Sarah and Hamish have hopped, skipped and jumped over to their new label DEFDISCO and re-invented themselves as Lovestarrs. The good news in this major label dumping fiasco is that the pair now have complete creative control over their new career path.


The pair’s debut single as Lovestarrs is called ‘Get Your Sexy On’ and has already received rave reviews from publications such as The Guardian.


If ‘Get Your Sexy On’ is any indication of what the album ‘Planet Lovestarr’ will sound like then we think you’ll all agree that we’re in for a massive treat upon its release in August.

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