Will we be officially introduced to Louis Tomlinson’s girl band soon?


When Louis Tomlinson tweets “BIG day !!” during the official One Direction hiatus, it gets your brain going into overdrive. Besides the birth of his first son, Freddie, Louis’s reportedly been spending his time off from the band assembling a girl band to sign onto his own personal record label.

However, after the first rumors of the girl band flew, things got pretty quiet—until today. It seems that the “big day” may have had something to do with Charlotte (bassist), Lexii (guitarist), Annika (singer), and Marlhy (drummer).

Syco Head of A&R Alice Dabell tweeted a photo of the four girls on stage somewhere presumably in California with the caption, “Soundcheck… Check… Check… Check… Check.”

louis tomlinson girl band 1
Image via Twitter user @Dabellina

Another Head of A&R at Syco, Tyler Brown, who’s worked with One Direction, Little Mix, and many more, also tweeted, “Smashed it,” tagging all four girls’ Twitter handles.

Drummer Marlhy tweeted this photo of what looks to be a photo shoot, adding, “Best day ever. I am definitely one of the luckiest people on earth.”

louis tomlinson girl band 2
Image via Twitter user @marlhymurphy

It’s hard not to make assumptions, but it looks like Louis’s girl band is gearing up for something official. A band name announcement, perhaps? A proper album deal? Whatever it is, if it’s got Louis’s stamp of approval, it’s bound to be good.

Featured image via Twitter user @Dabellina.
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