Little Mix’s ‘You Gotta Not’ is savage AF – fact


Over the past couple of weeks, us Mixers have had a Little Mix overload and we just can’t get enough. The girls have released a book entitled ‘Our World’ , announced a UK tour, released their debut single and have now given us a teaser of their brand new single ‘You Gotta Not’.

little mix you gotta not
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If you thought ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ was brutal, you haven’t heard the best yet. With the release of their new album ‘Glory Days’ in just 3 weeks time, it’s all getting all very exciting.

In the track, the girls sing about needing a man who does things right.

The lyrics

The song includes lyrics such as, “You don’t even like kids (you gotta not). And you still smoke cigs ew (you gotta not)”. Yes Zayn smokes, but can we really say this track is about him too?

Other lyrics include, “You ain’t even working boy get a job, when you wanna start growing up we can boom boom boom baby fall in love”. Pretty general to be fair, but savage none the less.

little mix you gotta not
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The track is co-written by sassy songstress Meghan Trainor who we already know writes a bad ass track, you’ve only got to look at the lyrics for ‘No’ to know exactly what I mean. Knowing that she co-wrote this song, you can totally tell when you hear it. I think it would have been kinda cool had she collaborated on the track.

‘You Gotta Not’ is available to download on iTunes now.


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