Why Power is Little Mix’s most important music video yet


Little Mix recently dropped their music video for their latest single ‘Power‘, which looks absolutely incredible. It’s aesthetically pleasing and just great to watch, but the message that comes with it is massively important.

Following recent events in the world, we’ve seen a uprising of female power and feminism across the world (i.e: the Women’s March in January). With people such as Trump in power, who sees little value in women, we need to remind one another of just how important we are. Being a girl group, it’s so important that Little Mix takes the lead on of preaching about female empowerment, which we already know is an important topic in their eyes (‘Salute’, ‘Little Me’).

The music video for ‘Power’ comes at incredibly needed time when world leaders are making decisions that can deeply affect women as a whole (jeopardy of abortion rights, tampon tax and literally manifestos that quite clearly show the oppression of women).

‘Power’ is full of representation, with Jade’s scenes repping LGBTQA+ including drag queens (starring ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ contestants Courtney Act, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 and William) who play a symbolic part of the community.

Jesy is seen with a gang of biker girls and the motorbike culture, who play a part of feminism where it’s about being on the front of the bike rather than being on the back of the bike and cancelling out the ideology of ‘bitch seats’.

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Then there’s Leigh-Anne with a crowd of women of colour, who are, quite frankly, some of the most oppressed when it comes to women; having to deal with not only the oppression of women but with racism, too.

Last, but not least, Perrie is seen with a representation of hippies who were a big part of the 1960s-70s American feminist movement and breaking down barriers for women such as dismantling workplace inequality.

The girls stand with groups who are all highly valid within feminism and girl power; that face oppression and also play part in activism and the feminist movement.

Stormzy’s rap verse represents being a great ally and support from men who consider themselves feminist and are all for gender equality, with lines such as, “You can be a woman and a boss and wear the trousers at the same time” and “But as long as I’m alive then I’ll be sponsorin’ your pride.”

Little Mix Power Feminism
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The final scenes see the girls and all the different communities join as one in a powerful march, similar to demonstrations we’ve seen in history, along with their mothers – who Little Mix say are “the women in our lives who emPOWER us the most” – in representation of just how powerful women can be.

For me, it’s majorly important for pop culture, which influences our generation massively, to be talking about these kinds of topics and being advocates to young people on how we do have the power and can make a massive difference. I absolutely love the music video and the song as whole, seeing it as a new and improved girl power anthem from ‘Salute’.

I’m so proud of Little Mix for both the song and music video and really look forward to hearing how they’ve inspired young girls to recognise their own power and ability to fight for their rights.

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  1. Stefana says

    Tbh my favorite girl group growing up were the Pussycat Dolls.Then they disbanded.Then I got into kpop and 2ne1 but they also disbanded.I got Little Mix now and honestly I’m so fucking proud to be their fan, seeing their friendship and their talent.They are perfect.Salute made me proud to be a woman.Thank you Little Mix.I hope they never disband.

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