Mixers united together to sing Ariana Grande’s One Last Time in honour of the victims of the Manchester Attack


Following the devastating events of Monday’s terror attacks at Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert, social media has seen fandoms come together as one to support the singer and her fans who have been affected by the horrific incident. Little Mix fans paid tribute to Ariana and fans by singing ‘One Last Time’, the song that is said to be the last of the singer’s set moments before the attack took place.

Having just finished a three-month tour with Ariana in the states, Little Mix have gained multiple fans from Ariana and vice versa, so Mixers and Arianators’ bond has become extremely close. In wake of the tragic events, Little Mix’s fans were quick thinking to come up with a moving tribute for Ariana, the fans and all the victims who were deeply impacted.

Speaking about the planned tribute,  James of @MixersPR said: “Arianators have been nothing but supportive towards Mixers. They always help us when it comes to voting and are there for us during hard times. I am still hurt by the incident, so are many of my friends and fellow Mixers. I just feel like we need to help the family and the victims, do anything we can. Rest in peace to those we have lost, you didn’t deserve this and all those that got injured, I hope you have a speedy recovery – Mixers and Arianators are here to help.”

Watch the moving tribute that took place before Little Mix’s set below.

Little Mix also paid their respects by dedicating a heart-wrenching performance of ‘Secret Love Song’.

‘One Last Time’ was also played ahead of a Shawn Mendes concert as a sign of tribute and respect to those lives that were lost.


As a sign of respect, VEVO has removed all adverts from the official ‘One Last Time’ music video and have posted a short clip in honour.



Our thoughts are with all of those involved with the Manchester attacks, their loved ones, Ariana Grande and her team.

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